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Hire a professional photographer to assist you in capturing the best angles for your perfect shots. Create a collection of the best golf photographs take by our team of professionals. We also cover major game events and group photography sessions.


Get your photographs taken from the right angle to capture a picture-perfect moment.


Never get interfered in the game because of our-photographers and capture the best candid moments.


Play at any time without worrying about lighting and received the best quality photographs even at night.


Our professional team will arrive at the game with all the necessary equipment required for your photo session.

Shooting Player Shots

Capture the best candid shots from your best games of the day. Get your photographs edited by professionals for great details and effects of your choice.

Capture your big win in a photograph taken by our team.

Make your pick on the types of shots you need for your golf album.

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Our team will be at the right spot at the right time to capture a beautiful shot made by you in the game. Do not worry if we go missing because we are already setting up a shot for you in the next location.

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Hello! I am a professional candid photographer with experience of 6 years. I will be happy to visit your game today and click some interesting pictures of you for your exclusive collection.

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6 Essential Tips for Professional Golf Course Photography

Golf Course Photography

Golf course photography can be something new to you as a learning photographer, but it is a well-explored field by the professionals due to the opportunities it provides. As a freelancer, you can get projects for all kinds of shoots, including gold course photography. You should better be ready for it than to improvise on the spot. Here are some golf course photography tips that will help you take professional shots for your clients with any camera.

Use natural light

The early morning and late afternoon time is considered the best for capturing a great gold course photograph. These times are also called golden hour moments. The sun does not shine bright during these times and can solve the problem of glare on the pictures. Cloudy days are also good for taking clear photographs without too much brightness.

Take wide shots

Take wide shots

The key to taking a good gold course photograph is to get as many areas of the course as possible in your frame. Using a wide-angle lens can help you capture better landscape pictures. Make sure that you know the proportion and balance of taking wide-angle shots, and you can create some interesting professional pictures.

Try drone photography

Drone photography can be a great solution for capturing impressive golf course pictures. Capturing pictures from the eagle-eye view can give you better results to showcase the golf course’s stretch. You can shoot a picture while keeping the hold in the center to show the area of the game. Drones are also useful to capture other aspects of the golf club, such as the café, swimming pool, resting areas, etc.

Learn the composition

While taking pictures of club members enjoying their game, please do not keep them in the center of the frame. Instead, keep the subject on one side and open more space for the trees and greens in the background. If you can get the player and the long-distance flag in the same frame, you can successfully complete a picture.


Respect the course design

If you cannot understand the design of the course, you cannot capture satisfying images at all. Finding the perfect angle to showcase why a course is valuable is the key to a good photograph. A person checking out your picture should be able to learn the orientation of the game to build a strategy that they can try out when they visit. If you cover all the aspects of a course, you have successfully created a practical picture.

Keep the people out when needed

You do not always have to include people as subjects while taking pictures. In most cases, you should prefer showcasing the beauty of the field rather than covering the games of people. While you can use some of the shots where players add value to the frame, it is not something that should be your first priority if you can take better beauty shots without them.


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